Diederik Martens, a club deejay from The Netherlands was born in 1983, professionally started deejaying in 1999. He initially retired in 2009 when he chose to pursue a profesional career (more information is available on https://diederikmartens.com).

Residences as Dj Diego D: Q-Nation, Kerkplein Breda, Rizult Danceclub, The Box Lloret-del-Mar, and many more. Played allround, but mostly dance/house-oriented. During his time at Q-Nation he also briefly had a period of jumpstyle, right before he retired.

Other residences: Under the name Dj Diederik, he also also was a regular bar/dancing deejay for Shooters, Cafe De Buurman, Djouw Djones, Tante Kee, Cafe de Malledieven, and many more.

He still peforms at reunion parties and other special occasions (e.g. 90’s Party, Foute Party, or Carnaval) under the artist name Feest DJ Diederik. And under the name Dj Diego D he currently likes to record mixtapes (e.g. Up-tempo future house, sometimes with a bit of EDM at the end of the set). Personally he’s also into Jazz House, Latin House, Beach House, and Tropical House.

In 2024, Dj Diego D launhed a new concept together with his longtime deejay buddy Dj Funky V. The concept is called Club Cuisine. Club Cuisine offers a unique Sunday afternoon experience with atmospheric and danceable melodic ‘feel-good’ house music. Club Cuisine travels to different restaurants for each edition, where in a relaxed but lively atmosphere, the gastronomic offer – a true reflection of the restaurant’s reputation and menu – is presented by the restaurant and their local suppliers. Enjoy directly on the dance floor with the deejays, or step back for a moment to talk, eat and drink. Perfect for those with a busy study, job or family life who are looking for a quality and attractive night out and still want to be home on time on Sunday evening.

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