The mixtapes I regularly create and post on my Mixcloud Profile are not related to what I used to play between 1999 and 2009. For my mixtapes I have 6 categories, which are listed below.

Future Fusion

A fusion between mostly future house, electro house, and bass house. With some EDM at the end of the set.
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House Classix

Classic club house bangers from the early 2000’s that bring back joyfull memories of great nights out.
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Beach Fusion

Ideally for chill beach clubs and for you relaxing moments at the beach during your summer holiday.
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Latin Jazz Fusion

A fusion between Jazz House, Latin House, and summer vibes. Building up throughout the mixtape.
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Disco Fusion

A house fusion between disco, soul, funk, and many well known vocals from the past decades.
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Other Mixtapes

Not everything can be captured in a category. So, here are other live sets and mixtapes.
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